Awards 2022

Tarkett’s iQ Natural wins Inovyn’s Gold Award for Carbon Neutrality

Tarkett_PictureTarkett took its iQ Natural flooring one step further toward a carbon-neutral society by making it the world’s first floor with bio-attributed vinyl, BIOVYN™, earning INOVYN’s Gold Award for Carbon Neutrality. It cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 60% compared to average homogeneous vinyl floors.

We’re very honored to have received the INOVYN Gold Award in the “Carbon neutrality” category which results from a very fruitful collaboration with INEOS Inovyn,” said Per Sternegard, homogeneous vinyl product manager at Tarkett EMEA.

Tarkett launched iQ Natural in 2009 using a phthalate-free, bio-based plasticiser from castor oil. iQ Natural’s next generation replaces traditional fossil oil with renewable biomass feedstock, certified by third-party auditors. It’s from wood residue, not competing with food production.

What’s more, Tarkett can take back all used iQ Natural floors and recycle them into new products, further minimising the carbon footprint.

Through the sourcing of BIOVYN™, we have pushed the boundaries of eco-design to develop iQ Natural, the first bio-attributed vinyl flooring under the mass balance principles, and a step forward towards a carbon-neutral society,” said Per.