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Covid battle-proven, re-useable, recyclable: Altro XpressLay

Amid zooming Covid cases during the pandemic, Australia needed to build its Nightingale surge hubs for testing and treatment as quickly as possible. Altro’s XpressLay adhesive-free PVC flooring met that demand, allowing rapid construction of the temporary clinics.

Named after the legendary 19th century founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale, the surge hubs ‘’were built at breakneck speed’’ in Australia as well as across the United Kingdom, says Paul Kitson, Procurement Manager at UK-based Altro.

Altro XpressLay is a step-change in the evolution of safety flooring,” Paul says. “You install it on existing flooring or concrete without adhesive and it can be easily removed post-installation, re-used elsewhere and then, at the end of its life, be recycled.

In Australia, Master Carpets helped build the Aspen Medical COVID-19 clinic. “We installed 1800 square metres of flooring over five nights. The Altro XpressLay system was the only way to achieve this, including working with other trades and a cold Canberra climate,” says Richard Palmer of Master Carpets. ”The end result was a defect-free installation.”

Altro grabbed media attention when then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Glasgow, where the British Army was installing Altro XpressLay in a Covid vaccination centre. “It helped get critical buildings running in record time,” says Paul.

Altro XpressLay comes in 30 colours and is guaranteed to last 15 years.