Awards 2022

PVC-O DN 1200 – New Horizons for PVC Pipe Solutions

Molecor_DNMolecor widens the plastic pipe field to a new horizon with PVC-O pipes DN 1200, opening up the market of large diameters and high-pressure pipe applications to PVC-O. Before, that kind of use was mainly allowed for metallic solutions: ductile iron and steel pipes. In the water industry, and society, demanding more sustainable solutions, it is important to offer a solution for water transportation under pressure that brings to the table less dependency on fossil materials. PVC-O provides material savings, non-corrosive and durable materials, considerable reduction in head loss in water nets, and a much more efficient pumping installation.
PVC-O DN 1200 has been manufactured for the first time with Molecor technology: no previous vinyl processes were doing this kind of product before.