Awards 2022

Project “Hoppet” (Hope): cutting CO2 at preschool


Hoppet (“Hope”) is an innovation program and a framework initiated by the municipality of Gothenburg, Sweden, that wishes to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 75% by 2050. The program envisions 30 different construction projects focused on innovations and recycling to minimize the environmental impact. The goal of the first project was to build a fossil-free preschool in Gothenburg. Pipelife provided ground-certified, 100% fossil-free PVC sewage pipes made from BIOVYN for it. The project initially was against the use of PVC pipes but, thanks to BIOVYN, Project Hoppet reassessed the options and PVC was accepted. The choice of BIOVYN contributed to a global use of 82.4% fossil-free pipes in the pre-school, allowing a fantastic 49.5% CO2 reduction. By actively choosing BIOVYN, the potential future result for the remaining Hoppet projects could look at almost 100% fossil-free pipes.