Awards 2022

Next-generation all acrylic processing for simplified and more sustainable PVC

Kaneka_KanekaKaneka developed two new processing aids enabling a significant simplification of recipes by reducing (and even fully replacing) traditional internal and external lubricants while maintaining consistent quality, broad processing conditions, and improved sustainability footprint. Kane Ace™ PA151 lubricating processing aid is a 100% acrylic polymer that provides excellent external lubrication. In many rigid PVC applications, it can replace classical external lubricants like PE or paraffin waxes. Kane Ace™ PA161 low molecular weight processing aid is a 100% acrylic polymer that acts as a super dispersing agent. This enhanced dispersion leads to numerous benefits: better L-value, higher dosing amounts of fillers are possible, and Improved mechanical properties thanks to the better dispersion of the impact modifier. With fewer materials used, combined with improved material properties, the two new processing aids are paving the way for a more sustainable future.