Awards 2022

Inflatable movie screen for open-air cinema and drive-in cinema

Airscreen_ASC0704_Zero_GravityAIRSCREEN is an inflatable frame from vinyl material with an attached projection screen, also made from PVC. A system of tensioning tethers and ratchets secures fixation against winds up to 24 mph or 38 km/h. For average sizes, it takes 30 – 60 minutes to install and even less to be removed. With its low weight, AIRSCREEN is suited for all locations: heritage sites, the middle of a dessert or high on a mountaintop. So any location you can dream about can easily be turned into a cinema under the stars. Before AIRSCREEN, it was complicated to build a steel frame to hold a screen surface. AIRSCREEN can be set up by 2-3 technicians.