Awards 2022

Hefty savings on wind turbine upkeep with Corrosion Protection Film

RENOLIT-CP-Application-projectRain or shine, as we depend increasingly on wind turbines for green energy, how to control costs? RENOLIT CP Corrosion Protection Film – instead of paint – helps them take on wicked weather, cuts the downtime from corrosion repair and has a 10-year durability.

The neuralgic weak points on the towers of wind turbines are weld seams and flanges. Water can enter through the flanges, especially around the bolts, which also causes corrosion,” Renolit CP said in a statement.

Bolt replacement and other major repairs due to corrosion can be costly. “That’s where Renolit CP provides long-term corrosion protection for wind turbines as an alternative to conventional paint,” the company said.

The film is certified to ISO 12944-9 CX. CX corresponds to the highest corrosion category, applying to structures made of steel and metal coatings in high-humidity locations.

RENOLIT CP film neither releases any volatile organic compounds (VOC) nor creates any problematic waste. “This eliminates hazards to people and the environment, avoiding dripping paint or pollutants into water bodies,” Renolit said.

Thanks to only one drying time for the primer and the film as the top coat, RENOLIT CP can be applied more quickly than paint, and independent of the weather. This enables more flexible repairs, reduces downtime and saves costs.