Awards 2022

Group GPF‘s ecoSan: lighter, recycled and recyclable sewage piping

GPF_ecoscanecoSan is a range of PVC structured-wall sewage pipes manufactured with more than 60% recycled plastic content, whilst maintaining the pipe’s mechanical properties and their capacity to be quickly and easily installed. Group GPF uses manufacturing techniques (coextrusion and automatic dosage) which enable the use of recycled materials, without ever compromising the quality of the finished products. They consist of three perfectly united layers of PVC: two smooth PVC layers of virgin raw material (inner and outer layers) connected to each other by an inside layer of recycled PVC (minimum 60% of the total). This process allows for the manufacture of lighter multilayer-pipes which at the same time offer a greater circumferential stiffness, without making their installation any more difficult. And by employing recycled material in its composition, it enables the output of plastic material from other suppliers which would otherwise become non-recoverable waste material.