Awards 2022

Geplast’s IrYs roller shutter box: 98% recycled, strong acoustic, thermal insulation


The new IrYs half-lintel box has been designed to be part of a sustainable construction approach. Made with 98% recycled material, it meets the challenges of the RE2020 low-carbon construction. According to our Environmental Information Module (EIM), the carbon cost for 1m² of closure is 4.37 Kg CO² eq. Compared to the French Ministry of the Environment data, an aluminium roller shutter is 251 Kg CO² eq. No need for machinery and therefore no carbon costs. The loadbearing leg system is easy to install, no steel reinforcement is required. Assemblies are mainly carried out by clipping, with limited use of tools such as drills and screwdrivers. Easy dismantling means no screwed steel reinforcement, all parts can be unclipped and recycled. Removable drawers make servicing easy.