Awards 2022

Front-Wall Mounting Frame from 100% recycled material

Veka_V2_Einbausituation_Zarge_ObenThis product is a front-wall mounting frame with a basic installation depth of 82 mm, which has been developed for the Softline 76 and 82 window systems. With this frame, windows can be installed more easily by inserting them into the frame that is already fixed to the building structure. The frame is made of 100% recycled material, making it the first product at VEKA to be made entirely of recycled material. This is not only a convincing proof of the fact that windows made of PVC-U are the only building product that can be completely recycled, but the frame also saves CO2 as no virgin material has to be produced for it. Furthermore, the entire construction element consisting of frame and window helps to minimise the energy consumption of buildings in which it is used. The good insulating performance of the construction also reduces the CO2 emissions of the respective building.