Awards 2022

Freefoam’s Circular Economy Strategy

#Freefoam_process-improvementUsing Circular Economy (CE) principles as our driving force, our target is to reuse 100% of all PVC material entering our production facilities. Among the efforts: we redesigned our packaging with the eventual recirculation of PVC material in mind. This project allows us to divert PPW PVC from general waste; circulate it at its highest value and substitute about 14t of virgin PVC with recycled material every year, resulting in a carbon saving of about 23.3t of CO2. A ‘Process Refinement Project’ eliminates about 2400kgs of LDPE waste. Using lean tools, we discovered that the wastes in our venting process were avoidable and in fact, resultant of design flaws. Through the redesign of the process, we aim to reduce plastic waste by 56% and save 14t of CO2 annually. Annually we will turn about 32t of cardboard waste into a resource for our supplier.