Awards 2022

Circular Calcium Carbonate for PVC

DYKAThe project Circular Calcium Carbonate for PVC (CCC4 PVC) is a collaboration between Alucha, Plastchem, Polymer Science Park and Dyka. Alucha has developed a process to regenerate Calcium Carbonate (CC) from paper sludge. We are evaluating the feasibility for replacing grounded calcium carbonate (GCC, what is originated from mines) by circular calcium carbonate (CCC) from paper sludge waste in PVC Pipe. The core of this pipe contains normally about 80% recycled PVC and 20% grounded Calcium Carbonate from the mining industry. By replacing the calcium carbonate from mines with the Alucha’s paper sludge waste originated CC, the inner layer of the pipe can be made out of 100% circular content. The first results demonstrated the replacement of grounded CC with circular CC has only positive effects on the processing and material properties of the pipe. More tests on larger scale are planned now.