Awards 2022

Brett Martin’s Journey to Carbon Reduction

BrettMartinBrett Martin has taken a number of significant steps to reduce its impact on the planet. In 2021 we introduced our Eco range of semi-finished products, which includes Foamalux Xtra and Foamalux Eco. Over the past decade, we have been reducing use of fossil-based materials. That includes our onsite wind turbine, with its output of 2.3MWp, and a solar farm which outputs 6.42MWp. Our wind turbine and solar farm together save 1732 tonnes of carbon every year. We also buy renewable energy through our energy suppliers, using a total of 50% renewable energy in the production of our products. We run up to 20 energy saving projects per year, and have an ongoing programme of upgrades to more energy efficient machinery. Our combustion engine vehicles are being converted to hybrid or electric where possible.