Awards 2022

Bio-Fly bye-bye: the bio-based PVC repellent fly curtain

CompogalThe aim of project Bio-Fly is to design a new fly curtain capable of reaching an ample level of sustainability: eco-design, carbon neutrality and health and social responsibilty, 100% recyclable. Our first goal is to eco-design a safe PVC compound with a low-carbon footprint, made from bio-based resources and that was able to boost the characteristics of our client Socifel’s end product. This compound gives the fly curtains a dual function: physical and chemical repellence without being harmful for humans. The design of the PVC compound formulation includes bio-attributed PVC resin Biovyn™, a plasticiser from bio-based resources along with a safe and eco-friendly repellent. The PVC compound is being tested and the first curtain prototypes extruded, to be sent to market in 2022.