Awards 2019

Trenchless pipe-laying made easier, resistant to corrosion and water hammers: FITT Bluforce RJ

Let’s say you need to install pressurised pipes on a sloping surface for irrigation or drinking water, and you want to make sure they will really last, even standing up to water hammer, or pressure surge. FITT has a powerful solution: FITT Bluforce RJ.

We developed this after municipal companies decided they were tired of high maintenance costs from breakage of underground pipes,” says Nicola Melotti, Application Engineer Building Division. “That means resistance to corrosion, cracking, watter hammers, settling ground or intense rainfall.”

The new alloy PVC-A consists of PVC-U and polyethylene chloride (CPE). “That also gives the piping ductility and resilience,” says Nicola. In trenchless applications, like Horizontal Directional Drilling, FITT Bluforce RJ works on soft or sloping terrain, and direction changes.

Thanks to the socket joint, the bars can be assembled during the pulling phase,” says Nicola. With the Bulldog® jointing system, “you can forget about welding, or special equipment.

FITT Bluforce is the first PVC-A product range to achieve EPD® marking in Europe, Nicola adds. ‘’This is the environmental product declaration that provides certified data on the lifecycle of products.

How did they come up with that technology? With expertise developed in producing piping forinfrastructure as well as industry, agriculture, boating and swimming pools. More info in videos here, and here.