Awards 2019

Choosing the right cinema screen from a new full-size showroom


With a full range of innovative movie screens, Riflex offers the flexibility to configure to your specs for a state-of-the-art cinema, event or home viewing, and a new screen development room to test and compare performance.

You can’t spell flexibility without Riflex,” says CEO Magnus Kindberg. “That includes both front- and back-projection screens as well as high-contrast silver screens with ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) capability.”

Riflex screens include 3D compatibility and high-contrast for use in ambient light/daylight rooms and special laminated screens. For use indoors or outdoors, they have excellent properties in terms of fire resistance, gain, viewing angle and high ambient light rejection.

We’ve been in the business for a long time, providing high-performance screens meeting or exceeding the demands from world-class leading customers,” Magnus says. “We monitor production with vision systems and continuous measurements, testing for gloss, gain, reflection and/or transmission.

The showroom also compares Riflex screens with the competition.

As you can determine the light settings, you can compare different types of screens next to each other,” Magnus says. “Many phenomena need to be evaluated in full size. That way, you can evaluate the woodgrain and weld line visibility.”

Riflex’s PVC film can beat all competitors, says Magnus. If you don’t believe it, he says to come see it at the showroom, to evaluate the different screens using a 4K projector, and to look at different mounting and hanging possibilities for different high-end equipment.