Awards 2016

Versatile skylights that save energy: Essentra’s Skylux®

For a company that specialises in custom engineering, it’s part of a logical progression. Skylights designed by Essentra are versatile enough to work with bitumen and rubber roofs. And they save energy, with their multi-profile clip connection.

It took some doing. “We developed multi-cavity tooling, and at the same time we had to meet a high output requirement,” says Han Schootstra, Essentra’s Managing Director. “The price had to reflect that, and the market responded positively.

What brought it all about? “PVCu curbs are insulating and solid, thanks to their glass fibre reinforcement,” says Schootstra. “They’re light and do not require any inner finish. That’s why we developed this product to work with bitumen and rubber roofs, as well as PVCu and other plastics.

Essentra showed off its latest creations at BAU 2019 in Munich, billed as the world’s largest architect and builders’ trade show. The company makes wide range of products, for beauty and healthcare, industrial and other consumer goods. They specialise in packaging, plastics, hardware, tapes and technical design.