Awards 2016

GeorgFischer turns up the heat on PVC-U with Dekadur Plus

It’s been years in the making, but Dekadur Plus has pushed the envelope when it comes to un-plasticised PVC, or PVC-U. GeorgFischer developed it for a wide range of applications that require strong resistance to chemicals and heat of up to 90 degrees Celsius.

Dekadur Plus’ applications include liners in dual-laminated pipes, vessels and packings. It can replace pricier premium metals, fluoro polymers or polyolefins “with an unbeatable cost/performance ratio,” the company says.

PVC can now be used in applications that were out of reach and can replace polyolefins and even fluoropolymers in temperature regions up to 90°C, GeorgFischer says.

The cost savings come from GeorgFischer’s improvement in the energy efficiency of a basic production process: chlorine electrolysis. Production also involved a no-calcium, no-magnesium approach.

The company says the versatility of Dekadur Plus shows that PVC-U is much more than a “commodity material,” but rather a “premium material.”