Awards 2016

Tough-tested, environment-friendly Primus sewer pipe

From the creators of GreenTube comes another Earth-friendly yet weather and chemical-resistant PVC pipe: Omniplast´s Primus HL SN12.

We achieved the high ring stiffness of an SN12 while maintaining the wall thickness of an SN8 pipe,” says Uwe Scholz, Managing Director from Omniplast. “That means it’s lighter yet just as strong as the competitors. It’s also lead-free and recyclable.

How did they do it? By reworking the dryblend, allowing for more-economical use of  materials for a pipe that can be used for sewers, rainwater, transport infrastructure, factories, industrial kitchens and petrol stations.

So with Primus, we created a high-load sewer pipe, with high resistance to chemicals, UV and rough weather. Versatile and built to last 100 years,” says Uwe Scholz.

For those who need to know the tech specs, Primus HL SN12 has SDR34 and SN12 fittings with SDR41. The certification firm DINCertco regularly checks production and has given Primus its stamp of approval as DIN EN1401-1.