Awards 2016

Making plastics with sustainable foaming agent formulations

When Solvay started developing a new foaming-leavening agent, they did it as a kind of start-up targeting several markets including the frozen pizza market. Their research found that the specialized product could deliver all of its potential in the plastics market.

The project included interviewing around 80 experts worldwide and sounding out market feedback, especially for plastisols like flooring, wall covering and synthetic leather. The result is Alve-One™, a chemical blowing agent using complex formulations containing sodium bicarbonate among other edible raw materials.

Our ambition is to give the customer the possibility not to do a trade-off between safety, efficiency and cost,” says Karine Cavalier, Alve-One ™ Technology Development Manager at Solvay. “One of the most exciting parts of our adventure has been the creation and development of our own internal startup. We have developed tailor-made solutions in different market segments.

Solvay says Alve-One ™ “tackles the long-term viability of PVC foam applications” by providing a sustainable and safe alternative in a world where regulations are more and more stringent.
Alve-One ™ is a lever to decrease energy and raw materials consumption through lightweight, insulation and enhanced recyclability It also improves employees’ health and well-being with its non-toxic solution.

Our aim,” says Cavalier, “is to be part of the solutions that will continue to push towards a more sustainable industry.