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Livening up tents and halls with light and colour: Sattler PRO-TEX’s Polyplan Candy

Whether you’re throwing a cocktail reception in the garden or need functional shelter for any event, the temporary structure you build needs natural light. And how about a cheerful colour to set the tone? Sattler PRO-TEX has improved tents and halls on both counts with Polyplan Candy.

In textile architecture, the trick is to let in as much light to save energy while maintaining the durability needed for all kinds of weather,” says Sattler’s Markus Derler, head of marketing and sales. “And we wanted to offer an alternative to those common white tent structures.

Sattler manufactures the textile through a coating process of soft PVC on polyester fabric, with UV and fade-resistant colours. “It’s a combination of highly qualitative components, such as high-tenacity low-wick yarns, PVDF-lacquer, approved and tested colour pigments and plasticisers, ensures to meet the specific challenges of translucent membranes,” says Derler.

The challenge was to find a suitable mix of fabric/PVC/plasticiser/stabiliser/fungicide which allows for excellent stability and endurance. Usually, these requirements are not easily met with translucent membranes, and Sattler managed to increase that translucence five-fold.

With Polyplan Candy, we’ve taken textile construction to a new level,” Derler says. “It can make textile constructions unique and iconic landmarks that help to save energy from artificial lighting at the same time.

Besides textile architecture the demand for highly translucent membranes for sun-shading applications is growing, says Derler. “People look for materials which a) protect them from the harmful UV-rays – which Polyplan Candy does, but b) would like to enjoy the sunlight while having a certain shade and colour style.

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