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Tropical wood lamps? Croswood saves forests, uses rice husks instead

Using tropical wood for outdoor lighting can be beautiful, but how to avoid cutting down more forests to make it and how to avoid the weathering? Croswood turned to Resysta, a material based on rice husks and PVC to make their Piazza lamps.

We use mainly rice husks and PVC,” says Tomasz Jezierski, Croswood Sales and Export Specialist. No trees were harmed in the production, we reuse the leftovers in making Resysta ECOlogic, and every profile is 100% recyclable.

We designed it for the garden, for changing weather conditions – especially given that we operate all over the world and in various climates,” Tomasz says.

Croswood was already making outdoor furniture, decking and facades with Resysta for the same reasons: it looks and feels like tropical wood without the risk of developing cracks or splinters. “Rice husks occur in nature in various shades,” says Tomasz. “This means profiles might vary slightly in shade, creating a beautiful wood-like, natural effect.

Resysta is extremely weather resistant, against sun, rain, snow or salt water, and resistant to insects and fungus,” Tomasz says. “We’re also planning to release facade lamellas called KLIK, which are a perfect answer for the current trends in architecture and design, easy to install.

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