Awards 2019

Tarpaulins into tennis shoes and more: Besa Plastik innovates footwear

IA19_Pict_BesaPlasticSuni5_d6811588-c186-432c-becd-f13efa66b84fIn harsh winter weather, simulated leather can risk separating from polyester textiles, a real challenge for footwear manufacturers. Besa Plastik searched for solutions, like known bonding agents and crosslinkers, then tried something unconventional.

In brainstorming sessions, we thought Inovyn 370 LT could solve our problem. Even though it was used to make tarpaulins it does have outstanding bonding properties,” says Cigdem Yalcin, Besa Plastik Production Manager.

We tested it, and the coating adhesion strength increased between 30-55% compared to general purpose paste-PVC,” Cigdem says. “We’ve used it ever since.

Besa Plastik, based in Istanbul, produces shoes, bags, upholstery and clothing, phthalate-free and compliant with EU REACH regulations. Founded in 1984, it has up its innovation and renovation of its production lines. With a trendy-looking website featuring lots of tech and practical user info.