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Saving wildlife with fencing from PVC-rice fibre composite

IA19_Pict_Granzplast_Profile DUCK's protectionCountless baby birds and other small animals die from collisions with vehicles, and Granzplast decided to do something about it. With rice stem fibre that’s usually burned, the company uses it to make a PVC composite for road fencing.

What’s more, the rice fibre is locally sourced, reducing the carbon footprint of producing the barriers.

The shape and height of the profile is specifically adapted to, for example, baby ducks unable to fly and living in an environmentally protected area like Albufera natural park in Spain“, says Salvador Benedito Piera, CEO of Granzplast. “These profiles work as a protective barrier to intercept the baby ducks.”

Granzplast produces 25000 tonnes of PVC pellets annually, including for rigid or flexible extrusion, and for rigid or flexible injection. They also have their own laboratory to adapt their products for specific purposes, like the PVC-rice fibre composite.