Awards 2019

Plant-based alternative to phthalates for cables that’s cost-effective and performs head-to-head

How to maintain the same performance for PVC cables in 70-degree-Celsius heat and without phthalates? Nexoleum and Decarto found a plant-based solution their local customers say is “muito bon” – or “very good“. Thus the name: Nexo MB.

And why not as well for shoes, packaging, hoses, synthetic leather, and PVC sheets? Nexoleum’s CEO Jacyr Vianna de Quadros Jr., says there’s vast potential for Nexo MB.

Our dream was to obtain a line of bio-based products that would somehow allow the same degrees of freedom for our customers,” Jacyr says. “And you can make them in regular industrial facilities.”

The new material passed the tests of resistance, strength and breaking-point stress after ageing in a ventilated oven. As the plasticisers used are vegetable-based, so they help reduce greenhouse gases by providing a competitive alternative.

The results obtained with the initial lab sized batches were really encouraging, as we could ‘dial’ the desired properties by controlling the reaction parameters,” says Jacyr. “Based on these initial tests, we decided to file patents and they have been granted in the USA and Europe.”

If you speak Spanish, check out Jacyr’s  webinar for more on Nexoleum’s plasticizers: Aditivos para PVC – Tendencias y Aplicaciones