Awards 2019

Food future in mind, Refarmers takes hydroponics a step beyond with ZipGrow TM

IA19_Pict_Refarmers-LaPetiteFermeDuGrandLyonSeeking to meet increasing demand to grow high-quality fruit and vegetables closer to market, Refarmers builds vertical farms using ZipGrowTM hydroponic towers. This technology was developed by the University of Wyoming and uses PVC for several key reasons.

We use PVC because it is very durable, stable and cost-effective,” says Eric Dargent, CEO of Refarmers. “A large part of our system relies on PVC, extruded and processed to our specifications.”

The aim was to “take hydroponics much further, with vertical cultivation, combining them with LED lighting and smart tech to monitor and automate the farm with hard- and software,” Eric says. “It’s like going from the old landline to a smart phone.”

Refarmers can build vertical farms anywhere and at any scale to fit the need, with projects completed in Sweden and the UK.

And Refarmers is thinking big picture. “Agriculture will face increasing challenges because of climate change,” Eric explains. “We need solutions that contribute to ensuring food supply and offer high-quality food near cities where most people live.”