Awards 2019

Celotec’s electron beam coating makes decorative film more sustainably

How to avoid solvents when making decorative PVC film? Celotec uses electron beams to create window profiles, sheets and other products for outdoor use, in a more Earth-friendly way.

We gave those profiles a new look and touch by using a coating cured by electron beams,” says Charlotte Franke, head of Business Management at Celotec. “That way we can skip using any solvents as well as any heating steps in the process.

With that process with a vinyl base layer and no common plasticisers, they can produce different structures with a wood effect, ultra-matte, high-gloss and others.

We can also apply it to aluminium, making the foil a vinyl alternative to powder coating,” Charlotte says.

Since that innovation, Celotec has gone on to develop electron beam irradiation on an industrial scale, allowing what can be difficult composition changes in film production in heat resistance, tearability, sterility or biodegradability. More info here on their website.