Awards 2019

A lifecycle of recycling: Resysta targets the market with Intelligent Wood

IA19_Pict_Resysta_RecyclingFrom the raw materials to the manufacturing to end-of-life, Resysta focuses on shrinking its ecological footprint to make its UPB Universal Performance Boards with what it calls Intelligent Wood – a mix of rice husks and PVC.

We developed new products made of recycled Resysta to emphasise that Resysta is not only is 100% recyclable, but we live recycling from the outset of the development of the material,” says Resysta CEO Roland Stoiber.

Together with the Resysta Network for Growth, the company organised 28 collection points in four countries, where all unused products made of Resysta can be given back. In addition, any leftover or cut-off material from the Resysta factory as well as during installation, is collected for recycling.

Resysta itself is made from ”upcycling,” consisting of about 60% rice husks, a leftover material from the food industry, giving the look and feel of ”noble woods,” substituting tropical wood and helping save the world’s rainforests.

That way the vinyl industry can also enlarge its sustainable portfolio as well as enter new markets in the wood sector,” Roland says. “It’s win-win.”