Awards 2019

A hybrid future for windows: Profialis’ PVC-aluminium composite

IA19_Pict_Profialis_finitionsWhat if you want to keep the strength of an aluminium frame but not compromise on the thermal and acoustic insulation? Profialis delivers on that with a composite that combines PVC with aluminium that keeps its shape and can be drilled and welded.

Backed by 60 years of experience in the extrusion of PVC profiles, Profialis gives a wide range of finishing possibilities, including punching, machining, drilling and lacquering. It has a production capacity of 25,000 tonnes per year.

We can also co-develop for our customers, using our integrated design office and an integrated laboratory,” says Sylvain Gaudard, Communications Manager at Profialis. “And we have a recycling department for better circularity in the supply chain.”

Profialis can scale up production for larger projects, with 38 twin-screw extruders and 15 co-extruders. And what comes off the production line allows for flexibility in the next step of manufacturing.

Using our frames, window makers can produce a PVC or hybrid window on the same production line with identical settings,” Sylvain says. “We use PVC composite with high mineral content to avoid bi-material differential dilation.”