Awards 2016

When neighbourhood beautification inspires PVC innovation


It was the daily walk to work at RENOLIT in Worms, Germany, that moved Ekkehard Wulff to take action. Passing the old hospital day in, day out, got him to thinking, ‘’why not cover it with something more attractive?’’

‘’Since RENOLIT has decades of experience in producing coverings for cars and windows in a wide range of colours, we decided to develop a combination of both,’’ says Wulff, Product Manager at Renolit.

‘’There was lots of testing involved, including on the metal sheeting covering the old Worms hospital,’’ Wulff says. ‘’There were also laboratory and worldwide tests.’’

‘’One of the key challenges was finding the right order of the different layers,’’ says Wulff. They include PVDF, PMMA weatherproofing, a PVC basic film based with colour elasticity, acrylic adhesive, and a liner carrying paper with ‘’Air Release’’ – that is, bubble-free bonding.

‘’There was a relatively long testing phase until we found the ideal concentration of the five layers. Now we can guarantee RENOLIT REFACE 10 years,’’ Wulff says.

The advantages with RENOLIT REFACE are many. For one, it can save old buildings from demolition by beautifying them and giving them a second life. And applying the film can be done while the building is still in use.

‘’It solves the problem of architects, facility managers and builders who want to renovate the facades of their object without shutting down the whole building and evacuating the residents,” says Stefan Schmatz, Business Manager at RENOLIT. ‘’And no drying time, no odour.’’

RENOLIT REFACE is also weather-proof, resists cold and graffiti, and is easy to clean.

‘’And you can put a wide range of colours and patterns on it,’’ says Schmatz. ‘’So be creative!’’