Awards 2016

PVC-O turns up the pressure on high-pressure iron pipe


Barely a decade old, Molecor has distinguished itself in pushing the limits of PVC-O pipe – up to 800 mm in diameter and withstanding up to 25 bars of pressure. That opens up new opportunities for the PVC industry.

‘’We can now compete with ductile iron manufacturers,’’ says Ignacio Muñoz, CEO of Spain-based Molecor. ‘’With PVC-O there’s no corrosion, the utmost water quality, and it’s 100% recyclable.’’

What’s the secret in the manufacturing? Muñoz calls it the ‘’Molecor process.’’

‘’It is an air-based system process that lets us work continuously on the extrusion line,” Muñoz says. Developing it ‘’was an R&D effort applying the proven technological process with smaller diameters and adapting it to much bigger dimensions.’’
Most recently, Molecor has been supplying DN800 mm pipe – a lot of it – for the Sector Arroyo-Calamonte of the Irrigation Zone of the Canal de Lobón, in Mérida, Spain.
Molecor’s molecular orientation provides TOM® PVC-O pipes with significant advantages in quality, and a better environmental footprint than other materials. Applied to pressure pipelines, they ensure a long service life. The watertight quality it brings to the system avoids leaks and saves water.

‘’And we don’t stop there,’’ says Muñoz. Molecor is working on a DN1200 mm PVC-O pipe. ‘’Innovation does not stop at Molecor.’’