Awards 2016

Gardening vertically: URBANATURE’s Hanging Garden gives “green thumbs” new options

So your new apartment doesn’t have a large balcony. Does that mean you have to give up your passion to work the soil? URBANATURE, outside Leipzig, understands what it is to be a city slicker with a green thumb, and has created a variety of options to “green your wall.”

The Hanging Garden is made of vinyl tubes suspended between two steel cables which can be adjusted for height.  “The tubes are absolutely watertight and resistant to the mineral substrate used in the planter,” says founder and CEO Joerg Brachmann. “And they’re light – making an easy, green application.”

The Hanging Garden is designed to require less watering, it’s for indoor or outdoor use, and the mineral substrate keeps the bugs away.

Urbanisation is a trend. We live in cities made of concrete and stare at walls,” says Brachmann. “I got my inspiration from professional gardeners who produce fruit and vegetables in huge green houses. Why not at home and why not stylish?

With product designer Brachmann at the helm, URBANATURE also produces a range of plant stands, wall greening, herb jars, spice pots with water reservoirs, and other items. He uses wood from sustainable forests as well as recyclable materials like PVC.

And you don’t have to have a green thumb, Brachmann says. “We wanted to create a product that is easy to handle for any customer. To green your walls with a high range of possibilities and without much knowledge about plants.